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Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Impacts Local Community

Client: South Carolina Governor's Economic Development Board

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Services Provided: Workforce Skill Assessment, Educational Program Development, Internal Training Courses


BMW was poised to advance its manufacturing capabilities in South Carolina, a region aggressively pursuing large-scale advanced manufacturing programs. The state was offering appealing incentives, including tax breaks and land agreements. However, to secure BMW's commitment, it was crucial to address the fundamental skills gap in the workforce that could impact BMW's operational efficiency and growth.


Futures Inc. conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify the core knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required by BMW for their new workforce. The analysis revealed that foundational competencies such as basic math, understanding of fractions, and soft skills like teamwork and effective communication were critical.

To bridge the skills gap, Futures Inc. collaborated with local high schools to integrate supplemental educational programs tailored to these needs. This initiative ensured that potential employees possessed the necessary skills prior to joining BMW, thereby streamlining the transition into the workforce.

Furthermore, Futures Inc. designed and implemented internal refresher courses for BMW. These courses were structured to reinforce the fundamental skills essential for the employees' roles, ensuring a competent and skilled workforce aligned with BMW's standards of excellence.


The strategic partnership with Futures Inc. delivered measurable results. The educational initiatives boosted the proficiency of the new employees, resulting in a workforce that was well-prepared and aligned with BMW’s operational demands. This not only facilitated BMW's decision to expand their operations in South Carolina but also enhanced the overall quality of the workforce. The collaborative approach set a precedent for developing industry-aligned educational programs that could be replicated for future workforce development projects.

Key Highlights:

  • Targeted identification of core KSAs for BMW’s advanced manufacturing roles.

  • Effective collaboration with local educational institutions to develop supplemental programs.

  • Creation of internal refresher courses to maintain a high level of skill proficiency.

  • Contribution to securing a significant advanced manufacturing investment from BMW in South Carolina.

  • Establishment of a model for future workforce development initiatives within the manufacturing industry.


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