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Indiana Workforce Ecosystem Connectivity Enhancement

Client: Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Industry: Public Sector - Workforce Development

Services Provided: Ecosystem Integration, Educational Support, Career Planning Tools


The Indiana Department of Workforce Development faced challenges in creating a cohesive workforce ecosystem, marked by disjointed operations and lack of connectivity across various sectors from K-12 education to unemployed adults.


Futures Inc. is engaged in a highly collaborative effort with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to streamline and enhance connectivity across the state's workforce ecosystem. This initiative includes ongoing platform configurations to adapt to user feedback, mirroring successful efforts in Arizona. The strategy focuses on improving stakeholder collaboration, engaging actively with industry, and boosting the capabilities of existing workforce organizations. Innovations such as a custom career exploration interface for K-5 students, comprehensive career planning tools, and advanced career advisor utilities are integral parts of the project, along with support for third-party organizations and integrations across WorkOne offices statewide.


To date, the initiative has successfully engaged over 188,000 users, including 160,000 K-12 students, and has significantly enhanced the state's workforce development capabilities. The adaptable platform configurations and the introduction of a K-5 career exploration interface have improved access to tailored career resources, making the system highly responsive and user-friendly.

Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced connectivity and integration across Indiana’s workforce ecosystem through highly collaborative efforts.

  • Ongoing platform adaptations based on user feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Custom career exploration interface specifically designed for K-5 students.

  • Comprehensive support for career planning and advisory, benefiting both students and unemployed adults.

  • Effective collaborations with third-party organizations and statewide integration of services.

Future Prospects:

This ongoing project showcases Futures Inc.'s expertise in working with government entities to enhance and integrate workforce development systems dynamically. The strategies employed in Indiana are setting a foundation for similar enhancements in other states, aiming to create more connected, responsive, and efficient workforce ecosystems nationally.


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