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John Deere Mechanic Talent Development Program

Client: John Deere

Industry: Agricultural & Construction Machinery

Services Provided: Talent Identification, Work Study Program Development, Educational Partnerships


John Deere was facing a critical shortage of skilled mechanics within their dealer network. This gap in the workforce threatened to impact customer service and operational efficiency. The company recognized the need for a sustainable approach to cultivate and secure local talent that would provide long-term support to their dealers.


Futures Inc. partnered with John Deere to design a robust talent development model that would address this challenge. Our strategy involved close collaboration with local high schools to identify students with a keen interest in mechanics. By creating and sharing engaging 'day-in-the-life' videos, we provided insights into the role of a John Deere mechanic, sparking interest among potential candidates.

We then established a work study program, where John Deere committed to funding the students' tuition at local community colleges. This initiative not only equipped the students with the necessary technical skills but also guaranteed them employment with a John Deere dealer upon completion of their education. The program was designed to be mutually beneficial: students received a debt-free education and a clear career path, while John Deere cultivated a dedicated and skilled workforce.


The talent development program was an outstanding success and was recognized as the #1 ROI workforce program for John Deere in North America. It effectively resolved the mechanic shortage issue within the dealer network by providing a steady pipeline of skilled professionals. The program also demonstrated a significant positive impact on the lives of the participating students and their communities.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic identification of mechanically inclined high school students for potential careers with John Deere.

  • Development of 'day-in-the-life' videos to accurately showcase the mechanic role at John Deere.

  • Creation of a work study program that offered tuition payment and guaranteed employment.

  • Establishment of a partnership with local community colleges to deliver the necessary education.

  • Significant return on investment for John Deere, addressing mechanic shortages effectively.

The success of this program with John Deere illustrates Futures's ability to develop targeted workforce solutions that benefit both the employer and the community. This case study can serve as a template for other companies facing similar talent acquisition challenges. With our proven strategies, is poised to assist clients in various industries to build their talent pools, foster local employment, and achieve impressive returns on investment in workforce development.


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